My name is Dinavie Sanchez Salazar.


A womxn with appetites, a mouth that bites.
A writer and spiritual catalyst, based in Los Angeles and California’s High Desert.
The eldest daughter of Filipinx immigrants, with a heavy name I love.
A compassionate warrior and a courageous healer,
learning to see through the eye of the heart set ablaze.
A guide through valleys of Shadow.
A ranger of the fertile dark.


I’ll be your mirror, reflect all you are—
your light and your shadows. 

Through customizable intuitive readings, 
I’ll reflect your soul’s intentions for this lifetime 
and the archetypal energies that make up who you are.
I’ll review any significant current transits 
to help you find greater clarity on your journey 
and channel messages to guide you.

It is my highest aim to lift the veil 
between you and your soul’s purpose, 
to illuminate your karmic path.
How you walk it is entirely up to you.