Serpent Fire

something in the cadence breathing into the arrangements that flow beneath your skin gives you away; tell me how many lives have you shed? how many little deaths have you endured to but rise from the smoldering rubble of your past selves; i know they’ll find discarded shackles buried in


won’t you hold me in your arms? I want to disappear into myself. Love has left my bones, this body cold with grave despair; shudder, as the shock subsides, as I suddenly come to find my soul’s home has become but a desolate cage— I’m crumbling from within and it’s

Autumnal Apéritif

here it is. here it is. again. again. at last and already golden, euphoric rearrange; crisp sun rays glisten with sap and only when the cold invades do the days hint at maple and amber notes unfolding until you can taste the season’s Bittersweet. I’ve always loved it that way.

Nose-to-tail Village Butcher Shop Makes a Play for Fussy Upper Westside Carnivores

By Dinavie S. Salazar Originally published on Gael Greene’s Insatiable Critic. Hudson & Charles, the prize-winning nose-to-tail West Village butchers, will plant a new seed on the Upper West Side to sell their local, sustainable grass-fed meats. J. Fox and Kevin Haverty, the bearded proprietors of a tiny, celebrated neighborhood

All Things Cider: Staff Picks

By the Heritage Radio Network team Originally published on Heritage Radio Network. October 20, 2016   It’s fall in New York City. For us, that means the Chelsea boots and knit scarves are out, neighborhood rats have agreed to make themselves scarce, and beverages have gone from cold-brewed, rose-colored, and light,

Panorama Festival Food Scene Reflects the New York Hustle

By Dinavie Sanchez Salazar Originally published on Heritage Radio Network and Huffington Post. August 5, 2016 The July 22-24 weekend, New York’s premier food purveyors rallied to feed attendees of the inaugural Panorama festival, named after “the Panorama of the City of New York, a nearly 10,000–square-foot to-scale model of the

Here’s Your Spring 2016 Food Conference Round-up

By Dinavie Sanchez Salazar Originally published on Heritage Radio Network. May 18, 2016 Spring is the season for food conferences, and there are quite a few of them! With myriad opportunities to put your finger on the pulse, you could find yourself in food nerd heaven. There are SO MANY

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